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• .CHURCH domain names are about to become available!!

.Church DomainsWe are pleased to announce that .CHURCH domain names are about to become available.

If you would like to obtain a .CHURCH extension for your church website or someone else’s,  we can assist in that.

This would allow you to use, for example  as your web address.

Please reply using this form to let us know if you want us to try and grab your choice as soon as it is available which should be by the end of September. Be sure to tell us the exact name you want the .church extension for.  Continue reading

• GraceNet Alert ~ Content Delivery Network And Web Application Firewall

The GraceNet Content Delivery Network And Web Application Firewall

This amazing new system helps your web presence succeed by:

1.) Getting your web content to your end users faster and more reliably.

2.) Stopping attacks against your site BEFORE they have a chance to enter.

Our new GraceNet Content Delivery Network And Web Application Firewall is about to be released but YOU get a chance to order it at a discount before new clients can get it.   Continue reading

• Massive Malware Infection Breaking WordPress Sites

Massive Malware Infection Breaking WordPress Sites

The last few days has brought about a massive influx of broken WordPress websites. What makes it so unique is that the malicious payload is being blindly injected which is causing websites to break. While we’re still researching, we do want to share share some observations:

  1. This infection is aimed at websites built on the popular WordPress CMS
  2. It is targeting sites with outdated (vulnerable) plugins or weak admin passwords.
  3. Malware is highly obfuscated and attempts to inject SPAM to the hacked website . Continue reading

• IF YOU USE vBulletin forum software on your web site this is for you!!!

SQL Injection Vulnerability – vBulletin 5.x

IF YOU USE vBulletin forum software on your web site this is for you!!!

The vBulletin team just released a security patch for vBulletin 5.0.4, 5.0.5, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, and 5.1.2 to address a SQL injection vulnerability on the member list page. Every vBulletin user needs to upgrade to the latest version asap.

vBulletin is a very popular forum software used on more than 100,000 web sites.

Directly from

A security issue has been reported to us that affects the versions of vBulletin listed here: 5.0.4, 5.0.5, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, and 5.1.2 We have released security patches to account for this vulnerability. The issue may allow attackers to perform SQL injection attacks on your database. It is recommended that all users update as soon as possible.

You can download the patch for your version here:

If you can’t patch vBulletin, we recommend blocking access to the memberlist page in the mean time.

• GraceNet Alert ~ Upsurge In Phishing Attacks

It is important for you to know that there has been an internet-wide upsurge in bank phishing attacks against websites around the world.

In these attacks a hacker gains access to a website by obtaining or guessing the site password or, more often, exploiting a weakness in code on the website. They then place files on the website designed to fool people into thinking they are at their legitimate bank website where they enter their account access information and the hacker then has what is needed to access and potentially empty a person’s bank account.

What Does This Mean For You?  If your website is hacked by a Phisher, your site will quickly be tagged by the major internet security blacklists and this can cause your website to be totally inaccessible.  Once listed, it can take a while to get all the criteria met to have your site declared safe. This is often a very expensive ordeal to go through costing hundreds of dollars.

What Should You Do?  Make sure your cPanel/FTP passwords are very strong, using upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.  If you have ANY doubt, change them immediately to a very strong password. You can generate a strong password here:  

If your website uses blogs or message boards or ANY .php pages they need to be current versions and up to date coding.

•••• Our GraceNet Anti-Malware System has caught hundreds of these attacks as well as literally thousands of other types of assaults on our client’s websites so we strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, you add this incredibly valuable protection to your site.  Information is here:

Safe Hosting,
The GraceNet

• Google Chrome Fast Becoming The Primary Web Browser

• The below statistics from the first 5 months of May, 2014 show the amazing lead that Google Chrome has developed in the web browser market.  Closing in on 60% of the browsers in use, Chrome is becoming the browser of choice around the world.

Browser Usage

Is it any wonder that developers are flocking to create useful extensions for Chrome? The old standard of Internet Explorer has fallen way back in the pack and it’s no wonder with all the issues it has been found to have.

If you do not use Chrome as your browser, you may want to give it a try. You can get it here:

Happy Browsing,
The GraceNet