• Heartbleed Server Security Threat WideSpread…. You Are Safe!

A serious security flaw has been found in “Open SSL” which provides secure connection services on tens of thousands of web servers worldwide. The flaw could potentially allow a hacker to access logins, passwords and secure data stored on your web site.

Here is a link to some info on this threat:  http://goo.gl/f3F3T3

The GraceNet Servers Are All Secure!!

Thanks to our alert systems team, The GraceNet moved immediately to mitigate this threat to our clients.  All our servers have been fully updated to close this security hole and protect your sensitive data.

We incorporate some very powerful security protocols to keep our servers and your web sites protected from server level threats. Attacks against your actual website by hackers is another issue and a very real problem.

If you have not done so already, you should strongly consider adding our powerful Anti-Malware system to your web site to assist in preventing access to your web site and possible loss of data or blacklisting.  Check out this powerful tool for your security here:  http://gracenet.org/GNMalware.html

All the best,

The GraceNet