MonthMarch 2014

• Email Forwarders Can Hurt You

Yes! Email Forwarders Can Hurt You! So, be careful.

One of the most used features of our email services is the ability to “Forward” emails that are sent to an email address on our system to any other email address anywhere.  This is very useful if you want to have people send an email to you at a specific address but you want that email actually delivered to another address.

For example, let’s say my hosting account at The GraceNet is for  And I want email sent to to automatically be forwarded to my personal email account at Gmail. Or, maybe to another internal email such as  So far so good and the email system will do exactly what you have set it up to do.

The Problem Arises…

However, what we see happening a great deal is that a spam email or something that is just not of value gets sent to our and gets forwarded over to my personal Gmail account where I see it as SPAM and report it. What I have just done is to report MY OWN DOMAIN as a sender of spam. The report shows the email as coming from my address which is NOT the case. only “Forwarded” the email but it gets reported as coming from

Why Is This So Important? 

Because you can get yourself added to anti-spam blacklists which can result in your emails being blocked from mail servers all over the internet.  Not good!

What Can I Do About This?

Very simply, watch what you are doing. If you have any email forwards setup in your GraceNet cPanel, be aware that email that is forwarded is seen as coming from YOUR OWN ADDRESS. Be careful reporting spam in ANY email software until you know it was not forwarded to you.

Also, periodically check your cPanel to be sure that any Forwards that are setup are actually still valid.  Delete any that are not needed and it will help keep your site from being wrongly reported as a spam source.

The GraceNet Staff



• Clean Up Your Web Site To Avoid Losing Visitors


One of the worst web site problems is actually one of the easiest to resolve. 

dancing-bananaA few years ago it was really new and popular to have animated images jumping, flopping and spinning on your pages. Often these images were silly cartoon types which really served no purpose at all.  It was a novelty and, as most novelties end up, it was very overused and it’s popularity short lived.

These days visitors tend to find animated images distracting and old fashioned. Not what you want for your web site today.

Now, do not confuse this with “Sliders” or “Carousels” which are a series of images that present themselves in sequence. This is a very popular and well received way to provide some motion and interest without overdoing it or annoying visitors. For you WordPress users, there are several great Slider plugins.

What We Suggest…
Go through your web site now!! And try hard to look at it with the eyes of a new visitor.  Does it look clean and fresh?  Is there too much information on the home page or any other individual page.? Can people easily and quickly find what they are looking for?

Now for the hard part…
Ask someone NOT part of your organization and who is NOT familiar with your web site to go though it and tell you what they think and ask them specifically what they would change to make it better.  This can be hard to hear because we all think our web sites are fine…. even fabulous. But what do visitors really think when they are on your site.

Regardless of the answer… you NEED to know.

• The GraceNet Adds Backup Email services

Backup Email Service means that if, for any reason, your regular email service associated with your web site here is not available, email sent to you will not bounce or be discarded.  Our Backup Email servers will intercept and hold your valuable email until your regular service is back and will then deliver it. This is HUGE if your email is of high value.

Contact us if you would like to have this service added to your GraceNet hosted web site.

• Don’t Hide From Your Web Site Visitors

Don’t hide from your web site visitors.  Studies have shown that a huge percentage of web sites seem to “hide” their contact information.  This can actually annoy visitors and cause them to have a negative view of your site and, by extension your organization.

What To Provide
Make it easy for visitors to find how to contact you.  Provide a phone number, address and email address. Make this contact info reside on a separate page with a clear link to that page. This will increase the rate of contact and raise the positive view of your site.

Caution About Posting An Email Address
It is important to be aware that posting an email address on your site can increase spam to that address since spammers harvest email addresses from web sites and use or sell them for spamming.
One way to solve this is to use a contact form instead of a published email address and be sure you use CAPTCHA to assure a human is actually submitting the form. That will greatly reduce spam to your email boxes.

• GraceNet Anti-Malware System A Huge Success

The new GraceNet Ant-Malware system has already prevented dozens of hack attempts from succeeding. We are very pleased with the system and we know our clients whose sites have been protected are glad the chose to opt for this incredibly valuable service.

We are proud to offer this add-on service to our clients and you can read more about it here.