All AboutDid you know the second most viewed page on a website is typically the “About” page??

That’s right! Whether your website is a business, personal, church or ministry site, people seem to want to know “About” it.

This should be a real eye-opener for you.  Many websites offer a really nice and well designed home page but tend to give much less attention to the “About” or “About Us” page… Even Though It Is The Second Most Viewed Page!!

We recommend you spend some time creating a detailed and interesting “About” page.  People are typically a little nosey and a lot interested in who or what you are. They want info to make them feel comfortable about viewing your info or buying your product or visiting your church.

Tell them why the website exists, where it came from and why they should care. The more personal and More friendly your site is to a visitor, the more likely they are to STAY on the site and reach the conclusion that you want them to.

Surprisingly, visitors tend to want MORE info rather than less when it comes to learning about you, your site or purpose. So… give it to them!

A good About page is newsy, logical and easy to understand.  Remember the reader does not know all you know about your origin or purpose so write this page with the eye of a total novice.

Now, don’t overdo the length. Just be thorough. One good trick is to have 2 or 3 people who do NOT know too much about your website to read this About page and get their feedback.

So, what do you think “About” that???