Domain Name Registration & Transfers...

Need a domain name for your website? The GraceNet can register and manage a name for you with you as the owner. We even make sure you are never surprised by the registration expiring. We'll contact you well in advance of your name expiration as long as we have your valid email information.


The cost is $34 for TWO full years registration for .com .net .org .us .info .biz. If you need a long term registration, we can certainly do that at even further discounted costs.


••  What about .church domain names??? No problem. Those are $36 per year and can simplify your visitor's effort to Domainsfind you.


Already have a domain name? Transfer it to The GraceNet to take advantage of our personalized care. For $34 we'll extend your registration for TWO full years.


When The GraceNet manages your domain registration, it is done fast, accurately and securely.


When you signup for hosting, simply indicate you want your name registered and we'll do it all.


If you only want to register your name without hosting at this time, just use our easy and fast self-registration system.


NOTE: We have some very special domain names avaialable for purchase so be sure to check out this list before you register a name. <Special Domain Names Available>


 Click Here To Register A Name. BUT, do NOT use this link if you are ordering hosting too. Use the hosting signup form which will handle the domain name registration and the hosting together!