GraceNet Dedicated Servers...



The GraceNet Christian Dedicated Server Plans are perfect for you if you need a lot of space, high performance and versatility. You will have control of your server and we will make sure it performs up to specs.


We have a server plan to meet any need. If you do not see what you need, we will be glad to quote a custom configuration.


Why should you consider a  Christian Dedicated Server?

  • • Great if you need lots of space and want all the performance of the server dedicated to your own use.
  • • Perfect for web hosting resellers with many accounts, web developers and designers
  • • Great for large church or ministry sites especially if they want to deliver audio/video
  • • A boon for inexperienced server administrators
  • • The ideal solution for mission-critical sites requiring custom server management
  • • A perfect solution for webmasters who need greater flexibility, reliability and security for their clients


We do not offer low-end "junk" quality servers. There are plenty of places to get those if reliability and service do not matter.

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