The GraceNet's Data Transfer Policy...

Every web hosting company pays its backbone providers for every single byte of traffic their servers use. We have to pay for it like everyone else so, we cannot give it away in large amounts.


This is not unlimited transfer (no one can really afford to give that promise and those claims are misleading in nature.) The reason we have done it this way is because a large portion of the domains we host receive only a few hundred page views each month. Because of this, they are only using a small percentage of a GB of transfer per month. Since this is the case with most domains, when we get sites that are more trafficked, in most cases we can allow them to have the transfer they need, even up to several GB per month if the others on that server don't need it.


In the case that a site's bandwidth becomes very resource intensive (10% of system resources, cpu load or 10% of the transfer allotted to that server is considered resource intensive), we reserve the right to pass along, to the site owner, the extra cost associated with the use of our system. Normally you can get approximately 50,000 standard page views per GB of transfer. Real Audio/Video and/or a cgi or graphic intensive site will consume more bandwidth than standard page views as each file that is called by a visitor consumes bandwidth.


In the event that your site becomes so trafficked that it is requiring several GB of transfer per month we may contact you to see if we can give you any ideas on how to bring your transfer down. Sometimes it can be a simple program change or researching to see if people are linking to your graphics or files (that is a very fast way to eat up your bandwidth - so do not let people link to your images or other larger files).


If we are unable to lower it, we will either pass along the cost of the extra bandwidth and/or help you find a host with more bandwidth to offer. In extreme cases where you are approaching 20 or 30 GB per month, you should consider a dedicated server to give you the resources you need. At the present time, extra bandwidth is $5.00 per GB per month.


When you log into your GraceNet Control Panel, you will see a transfer limit but this is not a set (hard) limit. This is just to help us (and you) keep track of how much transfer you are using.  We can help analyze the use of transfer by your domain and assist you in finding a workable solution.


We want your site to be busy and get a lot of traffic! So, we will always try to come up with a good solution even if it means helping you get set up on another host that allows more bandwidth. The only reason we would ever suspend or cancel your domain because of transfer is if you refuse to cooperate or we feel you are abusing our system.