The GraceNet Cloud Hosting System...


Traditional web hosting involves an environment where resources, such as RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth are fixed and Cloudabsolute. If the popularity of your web site increases, you would have to upgrade or move your site to a different server with more space etc. With a traditional server, that could involve down time and data center staff who may physically have to accomplish these changes. Our Cloud Hosting System is different because resources can be upgraded and downgraded on the fly. Scaling your web site is now more simple and faster than ever.



Your web sites have to stay up and running, but you don't want the hassle of dealing with infrastructure and server changes. We get it. That's why we get 99.9% uptime for our Cloud Hosting System.



Worried about traffic spikes? Don't be. Cloud Sites can handle a huge total of hits. We can easily add server resources to handle sudden surges in traffic to your site. Expansion is a snap with our Cloud Hosting System.


If you are currently on anu of our regular hosting planes, we can migrate your site to The Cloud with virtually no down time at all. And Here's The Best Part: There is absolutely NO additional cost to you for being in The GraceNet Cloud !!!!!


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